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Alternative Kyoto Installations

Art Project at SPEKTRA, Aug. - Nov. 2022

On the summer to autumn 2022 I had an opportunity to build two digital art works as a member of an artist collective, SPEKTRA for the art event Alternative Kyoto 2022. We set up two installations, one in the northern Kyoto area, and another on the Shrine of close to the Kyoto city.


On the beach of Amanohashidate in northern Kyoto. We installed around 100 LED bars to build light-and-soundscape. The site is regarded as "Natural Wonder", with its iconic coast line that separates sea and bay. As a part of the art event, we set up our LED installation in the middle of the 3km long coast. The installation stretched for 60m along the beach line where visitors can enter freely. Since there are few lightsource in the area during night, our work created almost immersive light and sound experience.
My responsibility was designing electronics, building and install the power and control cables on site.
Due to our budget and not-very-great-quality LED bars from Alibaba, often we have to replace failed LED bars and signal boosters (We have discovered erroneous circuit design which caused considerably high failure rate). Outdoor and sandy environment was also challenging.
Link to the article on SPEKTRA


Parallel to the Emmisivescapes installation, we have built another installation called Scatteredscapes. The installation consists of 81 acryl mirrors laid out in 6m x 6m groid. By controlling the direction of the mirrors, combined with multi-channel audio, we have created unusual visual and audio experience. The installation was installed at Muko-Jinja, an ancient shrine near the Kyoto city and operated for one month.
I was responsible for designing, building and installing mirror and motor control system.
Link to the article on SPEKTRA

The mirror array in action.