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Ant-AI: Anti-car-theft device

For APD Digital Services Sdn. Bhd., from Oct.2017 to Dec.2017

Ant-AI is a concept of an anti-car-theft product. Malaysia is infamous for large number of car-theft. According to the newspaper The Star, the country ranks glorious top 6th in the world's car-theft ranking. We planned to tuckle this particular problem by offering an affordable device, which has chat-feature over SMS / instant messaging and behavior monitoring with machine-learning. Beyond conventional anti-theft devices, it enables new way of interaction with personal vehicle and user, taps emotional connection between young car owners and their cars.

Functional mock-up

For this project I built and wrote a functional mock-up on Raspberry Pi using Python's natural language processing library (NLP/Textblob). The functional mock-up is equipped with GPS, 3G module, acceleration sensor and battery pack to build core functions. I also designed the persona for the chat conversation, which should more or less sound like a Malaysian (like putting "-lah" on every sentence).
Additionally I made a preliminary product design concept, which communicates the concept of the product "Ant" through the product form. The "Ant" is a small guardian and companion lives inside of the car. The product surface has small dimple and scattered dots, which resembles an ant hole.

-Raspberry Pi
-Huawei E303 3G Module
-GPS Module PL2303
-Accelerometer MPU-6050
-Power Bank

-Python + NLP

Screen shot of SMS chat with the prototype