Camera Lucida

Personal Project, Aug. 2017

I remember my father used to develop his photos in his tentative lab in our kitchen while everyone else sleeps. Under the yellowish light, a captured image emerges gradually on the photo-paper. It was magical moment for me.
However when I take a photo with my iPhone today, I won’t care about such extremely slow process.
I have start wondering If we forgot something important. I wonder if this process of image capturing can be visualised in alternative way.

Camera Lucida is a installation, in which a program draws an endless line, while an image gradually appears and continually transforms on the screen.

The installation on run

The original “Camera Lucida” is a predecessor of the modern camera, which helps a drawer to capture his/her view on to the paper.
I made this installation not as a computational vision experiment, but something more close to those traditional drawings, which served as a primitive media to capture the world around us.

The installation was exhibited at Generate!° 2018 in Tübingen, Germany.

The program runs on a Android tablet, which installed in a picture frame.

-Picture Frame
-Android Tablet

-Java / Processing for Android

Other requirements:
-5V USB power supply