Symbiotic Things

Köln International School of Design, Bachelor Thesis, Jul. 2015

Do things interact each other? Yes, we do intepret so in various ways. In this thesis I explored such relations of things with the analogy of parasitism and symbiosis in nature.
We might have seen things, which are oddly put together or live together. They might have drawn your attention with its oddly, or even funny outlook. However the designers and architects of these things explored beyond the problem solving in functional way, till the emerging of poesy. Or is it about meaningless alienation from ordinarily thing?
The objects shown on pictures are my interpretation and visualisation of a conversation, which not only occurs accoustic but rather in physical way.

Physical Dialogue | Steel rod with propeller

Physical dialogue
Two steel rods are hanged from ceiling and driven by propeller. One side of this pair actively rotates in the air to hit the other one. When two rods collide each other, not only the kinetic energy but also information (=propeller speed and angle of the rod) will be forwarded to the other rod. After the collision static / active side will be changed and the rods continue their movement.
The chain reaction of this reciprocal movement shows an interaction similar to human conversation, which normally communicated via invisible acoustic wave.
Material: Steel, 3D printed ABS, Electronic components

Video documentation of Physical dialogue

Cybernetic dialogue
A LED-ball, single board computer, camera module are mounted on a steel rod. The unit searches other unit on the other side of the room and reflect its colour to own light colour, so that two units reciprocally and continuous exchanges its colour information. The interaction of these units shows a cybernetic layer of communication through light.
Material: Steel, 3D printed plastic, Electronic components

Video documentation of Cybernetic dialogue