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Interactive Light Grid

Non-commercial Project at 1-10 Inc, Oct. 2019

I had opportunity to build an interactive light bulb grid installation at DESIGNART 2019 in Tokyo.
The installation demonstrates a device called "emograf", which analyzes visitor's face expression, especially "smileness" using Google AIY vision kit. The installation was built to promote prototyping teams of Nomura Co., Ltd. and 1-10 Inc.
My responsibility was to design and build whole installation system. I designed LED light ball grid hanged from ceiling using Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper.
To build the system, I have purchased very cheap DMX-controlled LED light bulbs from Alibaba. Since the original cable was too thick and not adequate for the installation, I had to replace the cables. I also painted the bulb's outer shell in black.
When the "emograf" detects visitor's face expression, it sends out the "smileness" packet in UDP. When controller PC receives the signal, it plays corresponding color patterns in Artnet, which then converted to DMX signal to the LEDs. Detailed build log can be found here.

Link to the original blog post.

Complete installation with LED grid and the emograf device.