Rhode Island School of Design, Dec.2013

A lamp concept with micro garden environment. The project, “Investigating normal” researched prosthetics and assisting technology, and questioned the therm “disability” in the context of contemporary society.
The lamp offers an escaping pod in stressful environment, by making imaginal garden inside of ordinal pendant lampshade. To keep plants ins the lamp, a mock up of a hydroponic system is installed.
The herbs offers visual as well as aromatic atmosphere of the garden. A RGB-LED strip simulates daily light from dawn to dusk. Small speaker unit plays environmental sound to provide outdoor atmosphere in the half sphere and shuts out noises from outside.
The lampshade was shaped from aluminium sheet by pounding and English-wheeling process.

3’ width working model with herbs
Herbs: Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Sage