Köln International School of Design, Der kulturelle Tisch,Jul. 2013

Dishtoshare is separable plate made out of recycled paper pulp. It is a composite form of multiple dishes, which enables shaping his/her dish and sharing a food with others in picknik or party.
The form of the plate is recembled circle shape, which is a metaphor of dinner table, where we share food and stories in evening. The material of the plate, recycled paper pulp make it easy to tear a dish element from others. After the lunch it dish can be tossed into recycle container. Stackable form and different colours remind stickey notes, which after some usage a colour pattern emerges from different layers. The models was made by vacuum moulding and pulp moulding process.
Material: Paper pulp, Pigment, Water resist coating

Dishes in several colour variations
Rice, Chilli, Wasabi