Talking Heart

antwerpes ag, Physical Computing Research, June.2016

The Talking heart is a research product at antwerpes ag. A heart model, which equipped with bluetooth and Arduino controller sends its position to computer.
A 3D model of the heart on the display follows the position of the physical model according to its physical counterpart, realizes a syncronization between physical and digital world. The model produces heart beat through surface transducer, manifests the characteristic of this organ.
In this project we explored the possibility of Physical Computing and the connection between physical and digital world. The model body is built in FDM 3D printer. The body of the model is comprised from soft TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). Grid structure of conductive plastic are printed in to the body with dual extrusion head. The structure realises a touch sensing on three dimensional complex surface.
This concept model is presented on two major trade fair (ESC, Medica) in Europe.

3D printed and heart model with TPU

Short video for heart