Doble Helix Cable

Köln International School of Design, Sep.2014

So called "Cable spaghetti" is one of those forgotten problems in our everyday life. Conventional cable is good for power transfer, but its form is not really suitable for storage. In this project I worked with a new structure which inspired from the self building system in nature.
The double helix structure enables flexibility and agility while maintaining compactness. A cable with such structure fits in different distance between power outlet to an appliance.
The exhibited model is produced with plastic laser sintering to have the cable coils printed within the structure. I have imagened it may also possible to generate the coils with electric conductive material and produce entire cable in single process.
This project won a 3D printing design competition, purmundus challenge 2014 in "innovative concept" category at Euromold 2014 in Frankfurt.

Laster-sintered model, photo courtesy of purmundus GmbH