Interactive Spleen

antwerpes ag, Physical Computing Research, Sep.2016

The “Interactive spleen” visualises a rare diesese of spleen, “gaucher’s disese” in real scale with photo realistic texture. In this disese spleen expands its size more than twice as usual. Combined with a tablet, this model visualises how the spleen may look like in desesed condition and how it will be medically treated. The model is equipped with a micro controller, sound module and Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) module. When a user interacts with the model, Bluetooth signal will sent to a tablet / computer, triggers film clips according to user’s interaction. This product was commisioned by a pharmaceutical firm and two pieces are produced.
I was responsible for all development and production of the model, except the software on tablet. The model is produced with 3DS colour 3D printer, then polished and clearcoated.

3D printed and polished spleen model

Short video for spleen